“Many Hands Make Light Work” – Eljah Minton

Why Public Art?

“Public art provides the challenge of new perspective… The creator confronts individuals with a new way to experience the world. He can show the world not only as it is but also as it can be. Public art empowers people with new outlook.”             – Scott Burkholder, Baltimore Love Project



“Many Hands Make Light Work” by Elijah Minton  – 1978 Springfield Avenue

“I Am Maplewood” by Michael David Adams and VIktorija Bowers Adams1883 Springfield Avenue

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor” by Brian McGowan – 1859 Springfield Avenue
(Scheduled Completion: April 2019)


For more information please contact Springfield Avenue Partnership, District Manager, Julie Doran, at districtmanager@ or 973-763-6011.