"Many Hands Make Light Work" - Eljah Minton Photo Credit: Samantha Storch

Why Public Art?

“Public art provides the challenge of new perspective… The creator confronts individuals with a new way to experience the world. He can show the world not only as it is but also as it can be. Public art empowers people with new outlook.”             - Scott Burkholder, Baltimore Love Project




"Many Hands Make Light Work" by Elijah Minton

"I Am Maplewood" by Michael David Adams and VIktorija Bowers Adams


Springfield Avenue Public Art Initiative

Request for Proposals

The Springfield Avenue Partnership (SAP) announced a Request for Proposals (RFP) from mural artists who are interested in creating commissioned public art murals at 2 locations on Springfield Avenue in Maplewood, NJ and on up to a dozen publicly owned, traffic light utility boxes.

The Public Art Initiative is one of many programs aimed at enriching and revitalizing Springfield Avenue. The focus of the mural project is to honor the rich cultural diversity and inclusive nature of our community. We are seeking to enhance the vibrancy of Springfield Avenue by offering the public an opportunity to encounter artistic expressions based upon the theme: “Our Community…Looking Forward.”

Interested artists can obtain the full RFP here: Springfield Avenue Public Art RFP - 2017 and should plan to submit the required materials as outlined in the RFP by February 15, 2018 (extended from January 31). Photos of the installations locations can be found on our Facebook page here: Springfield Avenue Public Art Facebook Page.

A selection committee comprised of creative professionals, community members and representatives from the SAP will choose the finalists based on their mural proposals. Final candidates will be compensated $150 each to submit and present their mural concepts to the selection committee during an in-person presentation and Q & A session. The SAP will have final approval of mural designs.

The artists chosen to paint the murals shall receive an honorarium of up to $1,000. The final honorarium amounts will depend on the SAP’s continued ability to raise funds for the project. The artists also will be reimbursed up to $750 for materials and supplies.

The SAP is the district management corporation of the Springfield Avenue Special Improvement District, a self-governed entity that funds itself primarily by a special tax assessment on commercial properties within the improvement district. The SAP’s vision is to create a stable, diverse, friendly commercial district that provides for the needs of the local community, draws strength from the municipal amenities on Springfield Avenue and brings new visitors into the district.

For more information please contact Springfield Avenue Partnership, District Manager, Julie Doran, at districtmanager@springfieldavenue.com or 973-763-6011.