Springfield Avenue Partnership

The Springfield Avenue Partnership is the district management corporation of the Springfield Avenue Special Improvement District, a self-governed entity that funds itself primarily by a special tax assessment on commercial properties within the improvement district. The Partnership was created by a small group of neighborhood citizens who wanted to revitalize the main shopping corridor in their neighborhood. It has since grown to become 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation governed by a board of trustees comprised of business and property owners, local residents and municipal officials. Our vision is to create a stable, diverse, friendly commercial district that provides for the needs of the local community, draws strength from the municipal amenities on Springfield Avenue and brings new visitors into our district.
The Partnership creates, sponsors and coordinates marketing and promotional events for the Springfield Avenue business district. These efforts promote local businesses  and help create a favorable environment for new businesses to locate. We also perform a variety of supplemental services such as  cleaning sidewalks, maintaining an online business directory and database of available commercial space, and assisting with façade renovation projects.  

Doing Business On the Avenue

If you are currently a Springfield Avenue business or property owner or are interested in doing business here, take a look at some of the resources and guidelines available to you as a member of The Springfield Avenue Partnership. There is an assortment of properties available to meet a variety of business needs. Check our Available Properties Page for a a look at what's currently for sale or lease. 2017 Board of Trustees Kathy Blair – Business Owner Jen Burkholder – Maplewood Hilton Library Branch Manager Sheila Turner-Cartlidge* – Business Owner, Property Owner, Resident Vic DeLuca – Township, Mayor Pauline Lacey* – Business Owner Joseph Manning – Township Administrator Vincent Manno – Business Owner, Property Owner Jim Nering* – Property Owner Vanessa Pollock - Resident Stephanie Scott - Resident Jane Witkin* – Business Owner, Property Owner, Resident Norm Woolley – Business Owner, Property Owner Matt Ward - Resident Lilianna Crispino - Business Owner *Executive Committee Julie Doran, District Manager P.O. Box 1294 973-763-6011 District Manager@SpringfieldAvenue.com 2017 Meeting Dates: Executive Committee Meetings Executive Committee Meetings – Astah’s Art Gallery Monday January 4                     Monday, July 3 Monday, February 6                  August – No Meeting Monday, March 6                      Monday, September 11* (2nd Mon) Monday, April 3                         Monday October 2 Monday, May 2                          Monday, November 6 Monday, June 5                         Monday, December 4 * 1rst Monday except where noted due to holiday conflict Board of Trustee Meetings – Hilton Branch Library 6:30 PM Monday, January 23 (2nd Mon)                         Monday, July 17 Monday, February 27* (4th Mon)                      August – No Meeting Monday, March 20                                                Monday, September 18 Monday, April 17                                                   Monday, October 16 Monday, May 15                                                    Monday, November 20 Monday, June 19                                                   Monday, December 18 * 3rd Monday except where noted due to holiday conflict